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The tool is composed of a kit with a mounting plate that, once installed on the machine, permits the mounting of the rail arms made of heavy walled square steel tube. The sliding clamp assembly mounts to the rail arms allowing adjustment for the bar length to be twisted. The twisting arbor mounts over the lover left shaft of the bender and provides the rotation to twist the bar.
The ATRC 18 system can be used only with the machine in the vertical position.
This tool can be used, with a simple change of the accessories, for the treatment square rolled bars of different measures: 8 - 14/12/10 - 16 - 18.

   Fronius FAN Proton B    220v
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Max. welding power 2.500 AHP
Max. welding output 15 kVA
Open circuit voltage
10 V
Welding current
Therm. time constant 16 min


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